Well Hello Friends!

Fresh and rested from my stay in South Lake Tahoe. I say that jokingly as I traveled with my three small children and slept on a mattress designed by Mr. Slade of Bedrock. But seriously, the family had a great trip and we all got a much needed excursion out of town.

Quick travel tip:
If yer ever in Virginia City, NV taking in the sites and sounds of history… DO NOT be fooled by signs that say “CHILDREN WELCOME with PARENT” You will be scolded by the locals for using a quarter slot machine with your 4-year-old in toe. Because today, as was custom in the old west, children should be seen, but not seen losing 4 dollars to a slot machine next to the historic “Suicide Table”. God forbid I try and distract her from the heat, noise and discomfort with the pretty lights eminating from your metal thieves.

Speaking of children! This week I finally introduced Victor’s new bundle of joy! I had been planning this since the re-boot and I’m glad she’s here at last. I don’t know how many of my readers have had the full experience of raising kids. But there is a lot of source material there. Parenting means failing every 5 minutes. My wife says I’m doing a good job, so I have to take her word for it and hide my self loathing in the bathroom. As you can see our new addition is already waist deep in feces. This will be a re-occuring motif.

In other news! Saturday, August 4th I will be in Pleasanton, CA for the launch of the Creepy KOFY Movie Time comic. Of which I contributed 2 pages. Lots of talent attached to this book and it was an honor to be asked to join the project. If yer in the area I will be there from Noon to about 4pm.

The weeks and months leading up to my week off were pretty intense. So far this year I have had a bunch of commissions from co-workers who support my side endeavour and have been painting Skate board decks like mad. The last batch was a set of 4 depicting Robotech. Check out the little time lapse GIF below. I am always available for commissions if anyone is interested. I have a couple year’s worth of work examples in the Art of Vermyn. Thanks and I’ll see you all next week!