Hello Friends!

This week is about the holiest of holidays…. the Friday.  And what better way to illustrate the release on feels on a Friday, than with DANCE. I tell you… people at work whisper behind my back every time I do this on my way out. I learned something this week…. if you ever want to piss off a French Canadian, tell them to “Eat their white bread” do it and see what happens.

Subject change!!

Whilst driving home in my 64, I spotted this little gem:

Really? Really. “Talented Individuals”?!? I could not stop laughing. I kept picturing some dude flipping drumsticks into a bucket like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. “Well we like your resume, you seem like a strong canadate, but we need to see that something extra. We need to know if you have “IT” it’s gotta sizzle out there for the customers. We need some jazz”
And just so we’re clear… I can laugh at this shit because I worked at a KFC for a year and half in high school. I rose fast. Making it all the way to Assistant Manager. Based solely on my talents of taking the trash out when I was told and knowing when we need more coleslaw. I know a few folks who work in the restaurant business and I think working and running a place that actually cooks food to order is WAAAAY harder than anything in the fast food sector. Just saying.
I just find dark humor in this sign. I think it should have said something like:

“Hey kid, want to learn the value of a dollar? While taking part in a social experiment?”
“Economy got you down, and you need a pay check? Come on in and we’ll set you up with a Band-Aid”

I think the attempt here falls short and actually insults anyone in need of work.  What do you guys think?