Hello Friends!

We missed a week there… sorry about that.

Someone went on holiday at work, and I had to cover his ass.  Plus, I started working back on days. I was on a 2pm start time which makes you feel like an animal. Yer don’t eat right, yer sleep habits are shit. Now I start at 8am on the bright. And my sleep habits are still shit. Yes, I’m aware that my personal life is extremely interesting to you.  Switching schedules used to be much easier. I’m close to finding my groove again. So. Yeah. This week’s comic officially wraps up the Robot Arc. Did you notice my movie reference? Kudos if you did!

In site news, I have 2 photo albums containing all my non comic art work. I encourage you to check it out! See the ART OF VERMYN above. Thanks all! See you next week!!!