Mello Greetings!

This shit just got REAL! What’s the percentage of people who truly know how it feels to be pushed to the edge in this manner? Some folks would like us to believe that everyone has. I think the number is much smaller.

For anyone reading this comic who also happens to work with me, the robot is not you. It’s no one. Trust me, I am not even close to striking a co-worker with a blunt object I don’t care what look I’m wearing on my face. That’s how I look, relax.  On a brighter note, I made a motivational poster of my own. Inspired by one of my co-workers, Peter. This is his mantra. It has many meanings, I’m thinking about making these and selling them fer a buck and then splitting the buck with Peter…. my question now is… How does this effect the crisis in the Euro Zone? Discuss