Well Hello!

How is everyone?  This week continues the Team Builder story arc… Gawd Damn he’s annoying. I added yet another real life co-worker to this week’s strip. Chris. He “asked” me to do this… what the hell is he thinking? The next couple weeks will tell if this was a good choice on his part. There’s gonna be some action starting next week so you’ll want to make sure to tune in for that!

Below’s a logo I worked up last night… it’s a variant on the Teamster’s Union logo with a certain Vermyn charm. My father has been a proud member of the union fer about 30 years. The reason I did it was to illustrate my growing interest in labor unions. How they started, and what exactly they’re for. I think they’re pretty important. Moreover, it’s interesting to think about how unions have started to change once the work force began to move from the mills to the cubical. Think about it….