You ever go to a T.G.I.Fridays and tell the wait staff that’s it’s yer friend or loved one’s birthday when it is not their birthday? Just to watch them fume and squirm during the Gawd Awful rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song? It’s awesome. I did it to my mom all the time. She loved it. In fact, I think the only acceptable places to do that in are Chevy’s or Chuck E Cheese. Because there, you receive a free straw sombrero from Tijuana OR tokens. In any event, this week Victor does a similar trick to Kirk via robot. Motivation is the key to any work environment. Many mid level managers have spent countless hours pouring over texts and articles outlining the best strategies to motivate a team of teammates to do teamwork. None of which works on Teamsters however, it’s in the CBA… read the fine print. Are motivational droids in your work future? Who can say? Tune in next week to see how it WOULD play out for you, if in fact this was reality….
By the way, you may notice a difference in the look of the TB-5000. That is because I had tweaked the design since the first comic had been drawn.