Hello Friends!

What a week! Unfortunately I was not able to produce a comic this week. Luckily my brother in arms Aidan Casserly of the Burbank Casserly’s was able to help me out with this little gem. Just in time for the 13th. I actually asked him to produce this comic for my Trade Paperback Fits & Giggles. It has the 219 Social Vermyn comics I made before the one year hiatus. Just click your way up top to the merchandise section and let the Pay Pal button do the rest for only $25! This price includes shipping. Here’s a visual to tantalize the senses:


Hopefully next week I can get the next story rolling out. I have been feverishly painting skateboard decks for money so I can take my family on vacation. It’s selfish I know, but I gotta unwind before I really lose my mind. I just finished a set of 3 this past week (hence the guest strip) and in the next week and a half I have a set of 4 to do. Tune in, I should have some pictures to show. In the mean time, below is a shot of what I just completed:


Have a great weekend!!